AlzeCure has abstract accepted on possible disease-modifying effects of ACD856 against Alzheimer’s

pharmafile | December 20, 2022 | News story | Research and Development  

AlzeCure, a pharma company who focuses on its portfolio of small molecule candidate drugs for central nervous system (CNS) diseases, working on both Alzheimer’s and pain, has announced that its abstract containing preclinical data demonstrating the disease-modifying effect of ACD856 has been accepted to be presented at the Alzheimer’s Conference AD/PD 2023.

The conference is due to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 28 March – 1 April, and will see the presentation of AlzeCure’s abstract, entitled: Effects on neuroprotection and neuroplasticity by the clinical compound ACD856, a novel positive modulator of Trk-receptors from the NeuroRestore® platform.

The presentation will include preclinical results of ACD856, NeuroRestore’s leading drug candidate. The studies have shown that the drug has a positive effect on the growth of nerve fibers, as well as having a protective effect on nerve cells. It also appears to increase the amount of a protein which helps with nerve cell communication.

Pontus Forsell, head of Discovery and Research at AlzeCure, commented: “These new positive data build on the previous findings we made with our substances in the NeuroRestore platform and further strengthen and validate their potential for disease-modifying effects.”

Martin Jönsson, chief executive officer of AlzeCure Pharma, added: “We have previously shown that ACD856 has potent learning and memory-enhancing effects in preclinical models that we [are] now, in addition, … able to demonstrate disease-modifying properties is something that can significantly increase commercial interest in the substance, which is now ready for phase 2 clinical studies.”


Betsy Goodfellow

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