Alchemab Therapeutics to present data profiling a novel antibody to Huntingtin Exon 1 at the CHDI Annual Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference

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Cambridge, UK, April 25, 2023 – Alchemab Therapeutics, an antibody discovery company identifying naturally occurring antibodies from individuals resilient to disease, today announced that it will present data on a potential first-in-class disease modifying therapeutic for Huntington’s Disease at the annual CHDI Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 24-27 April 2023.


Alchemab’s innovative, target agnostic discovery platform, which combines data analysis of hundreds of millions of individual antibodies with classical laboratory-based drug discovery techniques, has discovered antibodies which bind to multiple extracellular forms of mutant Huntingtin and lead to the uptake of Huntingtin by microglia.


The data to be presented builds on a successful collaboration with Medicines Discovery Catapult and has been, in part, funded by two Innovate UK grants. The data includes the outcome of work collaborating with Erich Wanker and Annett Böddrich at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, showing that Alchemab’s antibodies are highly effective at immunodepleting high molecular weight HTT species and reducing the seeding potential of HTT aggregates isolated from R6/2 mouse model brains.


Young Kwon, Chief Executive Officer of Alchemab, said:Huntington’s Disease is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder and has proven to be very difficult to treat. The data presented at the CHDI Conference highlights the excellent progress Alchemab is making as we develop a highly differentiated approach in the hope of finding a treatment for this life changing condition.”

Jane Osbourn, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Alchemab, commented:For the first time today, we are showing data on our potential first-in-class therapeutic for Huntington’s disease, and it is an excellent example of the way we are turning drug discovery on its head. Our unique approach of identifying shared B-cell antibodies from cohorts of people who show resilience to neurodegenerative disease is allowing us to rapidly identify novel targets and further build our exciting pipeline.

Presentation Title: Antibodies from resilient individuals: Identifying a potential novel treatment for Huntington’s disease modification

Presenter: Donna Finch, Head of Translational and Clinical Science, Alchemab Therapeutics

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 26, Session 

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