$400 billion in healthcare M&A deals expected for 2019

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The coming year is set to see mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare sector worth more than $400 billion, according to multinational law firm Baker McKenzie.

While political uncertainty and new regulation led to a 5% drop in merger activity in 2018, M&A activity is anticipated to increase in 2019 from $308 billion last year to $400 billion in the year to come.

Asian and American companies are expected to be the biggest buyers this year, as Japanese firm Takeda’s $62 billion acquisition of Shire is expected to close on Tuesday.

The $400 billion figure is also set to be bolstered by the recently announced acquisition offer of Celgene by New York-based firm Bristol-Myers Squibb in a deal worth $74 billion.

New rules in Hong Kong are also set to bolster pharma deals as biotechnology companies and dual-class shareholding structures will find it easier to list in the former British colony.

As companies hope to add new drugs to their portfolios and expand in regards to medical technology, acquisitions are expected to become increasingly common.

Ben McLaughlin, global chairman of Baker McKenzie’s health care industry group commented: “Pressure to lower costs and adjust to value-based care models, as well as meet the demands of technology-driven consumers and the rise in consumer health care devices, mean that buyers are looking to acquire companies capable of evolving within the landscape.”

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