Pharmacoeconomic modelling

pharmafile | December 7, 2009 | Feature | Research and Development  

Therapy background

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) is a common side-effect of chemotherapy and may result in treatment delays or discontinuation of therapy. Our client’s therapy belonged to a new class of anti-emetics, delivered in a single IV dose; it was associated with increased effi cacy compared with a single dose of commonly-used existing therapies and an improved side-effects profile.

Abacus solution

A pharmacoeconomic model was developed to compare the incremental cost effectiveness of our client’s therapy versus standard current therapy used in the treatment of CINV. In the absence of published data, Abacus commissioned an online survey of 50 clinicians to obtain estimates of resource use associated with the management of CINV. Once populated with data, the pharmacoeconomic model was used to run sensitivity analyses to determine the impact of different prices on the cost-effectiveness of our client’s product. With the price set, Abacus completed a full  submission to the SMC. Following a positive recommendation, the pharmacoeconomic model was adapted to a user-friendly Windows® model by our team of IT specialists. This model was used to communicate the argument for our client’s product to local payers; the dynamically-linked business case providing estimates of cost and outcome tailored to their population. This model was so successful, that three years later our client is still requesting updates to the model.

Business benefits

Having based the price of their product on the outputs of a pharmacoeconomic model, our client was able to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of their therapy versus standard current therapy and gain a positive SMC recommendation. Adaptation of the model for use by their field force meant that the argument for their product could then be used with local payers to facilitate uptake of their therapy.


Pharmacoeconomic model Sensitivity analyses to inform the pricing decision SMC submission Sales tool Business case

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