High demands: Requirements on the labelling of pharmaceutical products are growing continuously

pharmafile | September 7, 2017 | Feature | Business Services, Manufacturing and Production Faubel, Labelling 

There are numerous criteria to be met by label manufacturers. In this context, topics such as patient compliance and smart labeling are at the core of heated debates in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because of the increasing expectations, Faubel is changing from being a traditional label supplier into a multi-service provider along the supply chain. “We get detailed insight into the needs of our customers. Our knowledge is reflected in the products and services we supply” explains Nurdan Citamak, Director of Business Development and Sales North America at Faubel Pharma Services Corp.

Expiry updates

Since Faubel began clinical trial labeling in 2001, it has become the main field of business. There is a high level of demand for packaging and labeling of investigational medicinal products that integrate stability data updating. “For the first time last year, we presented a smart label that enables the automatic updating of expiry dates”, she declares. The Faubel-Med® Label fully complies with Annex XIII guidelines. Beyond this, it allows expiry updates to be performed with a sealed kit that does not need opening, therefore supporting the implementation of Annex VI requirements.

The Med Label is a combination of digital display and booklet label that features RFID technology. Faster and safer, it is an alternative to re-labeling whenever stability data change. As a result, it brings about considerable savings to international clinical trials in terms of time and cost management. In addition, clinical trials can start earlier than in the past, and it is even possible to conduct trials involving limited stability data for the first time ever. As confirmed by Nurdan Citamak, the Med Label concept is far from being completed at Faubel: “Expiry updating is only the first step, the next one will be to implement the study pooling option.”

Contact: Miriam Hüther

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