Eson Pac

Eson Pac has a long history as an established supplier of printed secondary material to the pharmaceutical industry. We have implemented the high standard
requirements that the industry expects from its suppliers and we operate within the legislative guidelines. We are a strategic and innovative partner to the pharmaceutical industry.
Eson Pac Group develops, produces and delivers complete packaging solutions to customers who value close co-operation and let packaging take centre stage.
We supply the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with all secondary packaging components, regardless of required volumes.
Eson Pac Group’s production facilities are strategically located in order to meet the high expectations of the pharmaceutical industry. We have the possibility to produce each product in at least two production facilities.
We offer a complete assortment of secondary packaging with complimentary services in order to create optimal solutions: labels, leaflets, booklets, wallets and cartons, design and artwork, e-solutions, logistics and contract packing. That in turn creates
cost-efficiency and an effective flow for our customers’ organisations.
Eson Pac Group is certified in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2000, and ISO 15378/PS 9000 (GMP). Due to the pharmaceutical industry’s high demands we have adjusted our quality system to GMP, PS 9000 and ISO 15378. PS 9000 and ISO 15378
involves quality, environment, hygiene, premises and the process for manufacturing pharmaceutical information. Moreover, Eson Pac Group has created a specially adapted system that will ensure production safety for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact details

Pfeffingerring 201
CH-4147 Aesch
Phone number: +41 61 756 2150
Web address:
Email address:

Company details

Date established: 1968
Number of local staff: 450

• Ethical
• Generic companies
• Animal health sector
• Medical appliances

Additional services:

• Leaflets
• Booklets
• Labels/multipage labels
• Cartons
• Wallets

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