Jeff Huber, former Google exec, steps down as CEO of GRAIL

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Jeff Huber, a former Google executive who spent 14 years at the company, has announced that he will step from his role of CEO at Grail. The company aims to develop the technology needed to detect cancer earlier than standard techniques, allowing for more effective treatment.

Huber had been a founding member of the company, as well as CEO, with his influence and contacts garnering the company more than $1 billion in financing from Alphabet, Amazon and Bill Gates. He entered the role having no prior experience within the life sciences industry beyond a board position at Illumina, a company that conducts genetic research.

It was announced that Bill Rastetter would take up the position of CEO, a role that he will now combine with his position as chairman of the board. Huber, meanwhile, will step into a new position as Vice Chairman, where he will be in charge of technology and innovation.

“I am incredibly proud of the GRAIL team and all that we have accomplished together since launching the company last year,” said Jeff Huber, Vice Chairman of the board of directors.  “GRAIL is on track to bring life-saving early cancer detection solutions for people around the world, and I look forward to continuing to support this amazing team.  With this solid foundation in place, it’s an appropriate time to transition leadership to prepare for commercialization.  In my new role as Vice Chairman, I look forward to focusing on technology and innovation to deliver on GRAIL’s mission to detect cancer early, when it can be cured.”

The aim for GRAIL is to be commercialised by 2019 and announced that it had commenced a clinical trial to profile DNA of individuals with cancer and those that did not to further the development of proposed blood test for early cancer detection.

“On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank Jeff for his incredible contributions in leading GRAIL, including laying the groundwork to launch the largest clinical research program ever conducted in genomic medicine and creating a culture and set of values that puts GRAIL at the leading edge of technology and scientific rigor, and places patients first,” said Bill Rastetter, Chairman and newly-appointed CEO. 

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