Dame Sally Davis to step down as England’s CMO to become Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

pharmafile | February 8, 2019 | Appointment | Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing  

Professor Dame Sally Davies is set to step down from her roles as England’s Chief Medical Officer and as the Chief Medical Advisor to the UK government.

Davies, who has been in her current role since 2010, is stepping down after being made Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. The Mastership of Trinity College is a Crown appointment made by the monarch – in this case the Queen – on the recommendation of the College Council and Governing Body.

The current Master, Nobel prize-winning biochemist Sir Gregory Winter, will retire from his position as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge on 30 June 2019. Davies is set to leave her current role later this year.

Having initially studied Medicine at the University of Manchester, Davies later graduated with an MSc from the University of London. Following graduation, Davies worked an NHS consultant haematologist for 30 years before joining the civil service in 2004. Davies was the first UK medical practitioner to specialise in sickle cell disease.

Davies later became Director General of Research and Development for the NHS. During this period Davies was responsible for establishing the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). She was later fundamental in the establishment of Genomics England.

Davies has played a fundamental role in the fight against antimicrobial resistance both in the UK and abroad. Davies will step down as Chief Medical Officer in September 2019 and take up her new position in October of the same year.

Professor Dame Sally Davies commented: “I want to pay tribute to the outstanding clinicians, scientists and public servants who have supported me in this role – men and women who are working tirelessly to improve the health of the nation.

“It has been an honour to be the first female Chief Medical Officer. I have enjoyed it from the start, and I will continue to do so right up until I finish. I am delighted to be appointed as Master of Trinity College following a distinguished list of predecessors and as the first woman. I can assure everyone that I will continue contributing to the global fight against AMR from my new role.”

Sir Chris Wormald, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health and Social Care, said: “Dame Sally is a true global leader on health. Whether advising on anti-microbial resistance, Ebola, pandemic flu, the Novichok poisonings, or how to keep our nation healthy, she has consistently and expertly demonstrated her world-renowned intelligence, experience, and commitment to the cause.”

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