Axim Biotechnologies Inc announces Dr Sergei Svarovsky as Chief Scientific Officer of subsidiary Sapphire Biotech

pharmafile | May 27, 2020 | Appointment | Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing  

Axim Biotechnologies has announced that Dr Sergei Svarovsky will be the new Chief Scientific Officer of its subsidiary Sapphire Biotech.

This comes as Axim announces it is expanding its research division through its establishment of a new laboratory in San Diego, California. Axim appointed Dr Sergei Svarovsky to oversee this new lab and lead the research team at Sapphire.  

Svarosky’s said: “I am passionate about Sapphire’s mission to reinvent global cancer care and agree that early detection is the best way to help reduce the number of people diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer each year. Sapphire’s research team is incredibly talented and I look forward to using my diverse background as a scientist, educator, and product developer to help them achieve our goals.”

Axim Biotech CEO John W. Huemoeller II also commented on the new appointment, saying: “Dr. Svarovsky has already led our team to make several landmark discoveries in our research since taking on his position and he shows great potential for discovering and patenting many more industry-leading innovations.”

Svarosky’s has a Masters of Science in Physical Chemistry from Novosibirsk State University as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Organic Chemistry and a Master of Business Administration from West Virginia University. He is also a research fellow at the National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Institute.

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