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Global marketing and the shifting balance of power

June 23, 2008
Sales and Marketing US, global, marketing

As a marketer in the international pharmaceutical world, it is very likely that the brand we are responsible for has …

Moore’s Sicko documentary launched in US

July 5, 2007
Sales and Marketing EU, US, hc, reform

Michael Moore's new film about the US healthcare system, Sicko, is stirring controversy following its release in cinemas across America …

Change in US law could cut drugs spending by $30 billion

April 12, 2007
Sales and Marketing US, reform

Calls to allow the US government to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry have been reawakened by a new …

Pfizer cuts 2,200 US sales reps

December 1, 2006
Sales and Marketing Pfizer, US, job cuts, salesforce

 Pfizer has announced a cut of 20% to its US salesforce, a move it says will help it adapt to …

Medicare reform will expand US market

November 27, 2003
Medicare, US, healthcare reform

 America’s long-awaited reform of the Medicare health insurance system has received the backing of both Houses of government, giving over …

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