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Sanofi’s Dupixent scores Chinese approval in moderate to severe atopic dermatitis

June 22, 2020
Sales and Marketing China, Dupixent, Sanofi, atopic dermatitis, pharma

China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) has moved to approve a 300mg pre-filled pen formulation of Sanofi and Regeneron’s Dupixent …


Sanofi drops €610m on new vaccine research and manufacturing sites in France

June 16, 2020
Manufacturing and Production COVID-19, Sanofi

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way that the world prioritises healthcare resources, and lay bare just how unprepared many …


Mylan and Biocon’s Semglee, biosimilar to Sanofi’s Lantus, approved by FDA for type 1 and 2 diabetes

June 12, 2020
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing FDA, Lantus, Mylan Biocon, Sanofi, Semglee, diabetes

Mylan and Biocon have scored FDA approval with their insulin glargine injection Semglee, a biosimilar to Sanofi’s Lantus, in both …

Sanofi’s Sarclisa combo approved in Europe for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma

June 2, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Europe, Sanofi, Sarclisa, pharma

Sanofi has scored a new approval from the European Commission for the use of its CD38 inhibitor Sarclisa (isatuximab) in …


FDA approves Sanofi’s Dupixent for children with dermatitis

May 27, 2020
Research and Development Dupixent, Sanofi, atopic eczema

The FDA has approved Sanofi’s Dupixent (dupilumab) for children between ages 6 to 11 with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. …


French based Sanofi will ship COVID-19 vaccine to the US first

May 14, 2020
Business Services COVID-19, Sanofi, Vaccine

French based pharmaceutical company Sanofi has announced it will ship its COVID-19 vaccine that is in development to the US …


Sanofi and Regeneron’s Libtayo shows durable responses in world’s most common skin cancer

May 5, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Cancer, Libtayo, Regeneron, Sanofi

Sanofi and Regeneron’s have lifted the lid on new topline data on their PD-1 inhibitor Libtayo (cemiplimab) in patients with …


Phase 3 Libtayo monotherapy trial halted early due to strong benefit in advanced non-small cell lung cancer

April 29, 2020
Research and Development Cancer, Libtayo, Regeneron, Sanofi, lung cancer

A Phase 3 study of Sanofi and Regeneron’s Libtayo (cemiplimab) as a monotherapy for advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung …

Sanofi’s Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine secures FDA approval in patients aged two and up

April 27, 2020
Sales and Marketing FDA, MenQuadfi, Sanofi, US, meningococcal disease, pharma

Sanofi’s MedQuadfi Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine has scored FDA approval for the prevention of invasive meningococcal disease, becoming the first and …


Scottish Medicines Consortium approves new drugs in multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis and diabetes

April 15, 2020
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Biogen, Fambyra, Janssen, NHS, Rimzoic, Sandoz, Sanofi, Scotland, Scottish Medicines Consortium, Stelara, Suliqua, pharma

Medical regulation must still continue even in a global pandemic, and the Scottish Medicines Consortium, (SMC) has ploughed on with …


Sanofi and GSK set aside rivalry with “unprecedented” COVID-19 vaccine partnership

April 15, 2020
Research and Development COVID-19, GSK, Sanofi, coronavirus

Usual rivals Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline have said they are to put aside competition with the forging of a new “unprecedented …

Sanofi and Regeneron’s Dupixent combo impresses in paediatric atopic dermatitis

April 3, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development Dupixent, Sanofi, atopic dermatitis, pharma

Sanofi and Regeneron have unveiled new Phase 3 data for their IL-4 and IL-13 inhibitor Dupixent (dupilumab), showing strong results …


FDA calls for heartburn drug Zantac to be pulled due to carcinogen concerns

April 2, 2020
Business Services FDA, NDMA, Sanofi, heartburn

The FDA is requesting that manufactures remove Zantac (ranitidine) from the market due to risks of it containing a carcinogen. …


NICE shoots down Dupixent for severe asthma

March 9, 2020
Sales and Marketing Dupixent, NHS, NICE, Regeneron, Sanofi, UK, asthma

NICE, the NHS’ drug watchdog in England and Wales, has announced its decision not to recommend Sanofi and Regeneron’s IL-4 …

Sanofi scores FDA approval for Sarclisa combo in relapsed, refractory multiple myeloma

March 3, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Sanofi, Sarclisa, multiple myeloma, pharma

Sanofi’s monoclonal antibody and CD-38 inhibitor Sarclisa (isatuximab-irfc) has been awarded marketing authorisation from the FDA in the treatment of …

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