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Gene therapy offers hope for those with paralysis

June 15, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) have made significant progress to being able to offer a treatment to those with …

Danger of Sanofi’s dengue vaccine confirmed in new study

June 14, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development Sanofi, biotech, dengue, dengvaxia, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

A study that thoroughly analyses the impact of Sanofi’s dengue vaccine has confirmed what was feared – children without prior …


UK immigration rules to be waived to bring in more doctors

June 14, 2018
Medical Communications NHS, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

The NHS’ recruitment crisis has been on-going for a number of years, with an ageing population and a higher workload …


Report highlights that half of women in science face harassment

June 14, 2018
Medical Communications biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Arriving at a particularly low point for the reputation of the biotech, after STAT revealed that a party at BIO …


Vaccination rates in parts of US fall to dangerous levels

June 13, 2018
Research and Development anti-vax, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical, vaccination

The anti-vaxxer movement is the scourge of meticulously researched science and yet, in certain states in the US, it seems …

J&J continues to shed assets, with $2.1bn diabetes unit sale

June 13, 2018
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Johnson & Johnson, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Just last week, Johnson & Johnson announced that it had received an offer from Fortive for its medical sterilisation unit, …


Investors stump up cash for anti-ageing start-up

June 12, 2018
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Juvenescence, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Defeating the ageing process is a pie-in-the-sky idea that has resulted, so far, in a rich vein of parody rather …


Brexit negotiations: Is the public’s health a priority?

June 12, 2018
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing biotech, brexit, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

The Brexit decision has created a huge amount of question marks for many industries and each is vying with each …


Research casts doubts over CRISPR safety

June 12, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development biotech, crispr, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Research emerging from two studies, published in same issue of Nature, has raised significant questions over just how safe CRISPR …


Another failure in Alzheimer’s creates bleak outlook for treatment

June 12, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Alzheimer's, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Finding a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease has been one of the aims of big pharma for last few decades, but …


Alexion goes back to roots with Complement deal

June 11, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Alexion, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical, soliris

Alexion has made a lot of money from investing in the science behind complement inhibitors – C5 inhibitor, Soliris, has …


AbbVie/Roche gain FDA approval for blockbuster treatment

June 11, 2018
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Roche, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

AbbVie and Roche have a chalked up a major success, after the FDA gave its approval for Venclexta, in combination …


Takeda shareholders try to buck Shire deal

June 11, 2018
Sales and Marketing Shire, Takeda, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

A small group of Takeda shareholders have started making a lot of noise over its $62 billion deal for Shire, …


EU gives nod to expanded label for AZ’s Tagrisso

June 11, 2018
Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, Tagrisso, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

AstraZeneca has scored another success with Tagrisso in Europe, by receiving an expanded marketing authorisation for Tagrisso in the first-line …


Ipsen set to relocate North American HQ to Boston

June 11, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing biotech, drugs, ipsen, pharma, pharmaceutical

Ipsen is set to join the ranks of a number of Boston-based biotechs, by setting up shop in Kendall Square. …

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