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FDA fuelled opioid crisis by failing to police pharmaceutical companies, new study shows

January 2, 2020
Business Services FDA, Opioids Crisis, Opioids Trump, OxyContin, Trump Administration, opioids

The FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS), which began in 2012, failed to successfully police the companies creating opioids …


Top Ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week

December 6, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, FDA, NHS, corruption, lung cancer, opiods crisis, opioids

Corruption and bribery feature heavily in the news this week. A recently exposed 1997 email chain shows Dr Richard Sackler, …


Seizures of black market diazepam tablets double in the UK in a year

December 5, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Border Force, Diazepam, NHS, anxiety, opioids

The number of illegal diazepam tablets seized by the UK Border Force has doubled in a year, going from 545,000 …


Sacklers could give up Purdue Pharma and settle 2,000 lawsuits for $10-12 billion, proposal says

August 28, 2019
Research and Development OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, Sackler family, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma

The Sackler family are offering to settle more than 2,000 opioid crisis lawsuits for between $10-12 billion, according to NBC. …

J&J must pay $572 million for fuelling opioid crisis in Oklahoma, judge says

August 27, 2019
Manufacturing and Production J&J, JJ, Johnson & Johnson, Oklahoma, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma

A judge in Oklahoma has said that Johnson & Johnson must pay $572 million for the part it played in …


Camurus’ weekly/monthly opioid dependence injection accepted in Scotland for NHS use

August 13, 2019
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Camurus, NHS, Scotland, nhs scotland, opioid dependence, opioids, pharma

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has announced its acceptance of Buvidal (buprenorphine prolonged-release solution for subcutaneous injection) from Swedish pharma …


Researchers design automatic opioid overdose antidote device

July 25, 2019
Research and Development naloxone, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma, purdue university

Researchers at Purdue University are developing a device that would automatically detect an overdose in opioid users and release a …

Ohio prosecutors file charges against opioid distributor Miami-Luken

July 22, 2019
Sales and Marketing US, USA, West Virginia, criminal case, opioid crisis, opioids

Federal prosecutors in Cincinnati have filed criminal charges against opioid distributor Miami-Luken, and four others, over the role they played …

Oklahoma lawyers say J&J is kingpin of pharmaceutical cartel

July 16, 2019
Manufacturing and Production J&J, JJ, Oklahoma, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma

Lawyers representing the State of Oklahoma described Johnson & Johnson as the ‘kingpin’ in a ‘pharmaceutical cartel’ as they accused …

Fewer opioids prescribed in states with medical marijuana, research shows

June 12, 2019
Research and Development Marijuana, medicinal cannabis, opioids, pharma

Fewer opioids are prescribed in states with legal medical marijuana, according to research from University of Texas Medical Branch at …


Top Ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week!

May 31, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing China, FDA, GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, environment, opioids, pharma, pricing

The pharmaceutical industry is a big polluter than the automotive industry. This was our top story this week. The findings …

Oklahoma prosecutors say J&J used ‘brainwashing campaign’ to boost opioid sales

May 30, 2019
Research and Development J&J, JJ, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma, public health

Oklahoma state prosecutors have accused Johnson & Johnson of engaging in a “cynical, deceitful, multibillion-dollar brainwashing campaign” to boost sales …


Pharma firms paid Italian doctor to promote opioid drugs

May 29, 2019
Research and Development Italy, Mundipharma, Purdue, opioids, pharma

Opioid drugmakers paid an Italian pain doctor to promote opioid painkillers as a treatment for chronic pain, Italian prosecutors say. …


UK GPs are underequipped to handle growing chronic opioid use, report warns

May 13, 2019
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing NHS, UK, opioid crisis, opioids, pharma

New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) has argued that general practitioners (GPs) in the UK are lacking …

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