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Pfizer UK recruiting for new customer-focused salesforce

July 8, 2004
NHS, Pfizer, salesforce

 Pfizer has unveiled a new, restructured UK sales team designed to meet the needs of the NHS by aligning its …

Takeda to launch ‘radically different’ approach to NHS

July 2, 2004
NHS, Takeda, salesforce

 Takeda UK has unveiled plans for what it calls a ‘radically different’ structure to its sales operations designed to liberate …

Supplementary prescribing

November 6, 2003
NHS, healthcare, pharmacist, supplementary prescribing

Supplementary prescribing by pharmacists will soon become a reality. The first wave of pharmacy supplementary prescribers begin their courses this …

Foundation distrust

November 6, 2003
NHS, foundation hospitals, healthcare

Despite fierce opposition from several areas, foundation hospitals look set to become a reality in 2004. But what will they …

The new GP contract : incentives for pharma too

October 29, 2003
GP contract, NHS, healthcare

As the final details of the new GP contract are decided, the pharmaceutical industry is now preparing itself for a …

The new GP contract

October 28, 2003
GP contract, NHS, healthcare

The new GP contract was supported by a massive 79 per cent of those GPs who voted for it, despite …

Blair and Milburn braced for foundation trust backlash

October 28, 2003

 The Government’s controversial plans to introduce foundation hospitals are on a knife-edge ahead of a Commons vote on the reform …

Mind the gap

October 20, 2003
Sales and Marketing NHS, healthcare, industry relations

There is a disconnection between what primary care organisation influencers want from a relationship with the pharma industry, and what …

Kicking the habit on prescription

October 14, 2003
Sales and Marketing NHS, smoking cessation

NRT products have played a leading role in making the UK's smoking cessation services that rare thing – a genuine …

Concept testing: the collision of two worlds

October 9, 2003
Medical Communications NHS, advertising, concept testing

Market research is a vital part of pharmaceutical marketing. If you don't talk independently to your audience, the people who …

Creating a patient-centred NHS

October 8, 2003
NHS, healthcare, patients

First the good news. Everybody  from the Government, to patients and all the NHS bodies in-between  agrees that the vision …

Health authorities blocking change, say PCTs

October 8, 2003
NHS, NHS Alliance

 Strategic health authorities are too far removed from PCTs to help them innovate as they work on their plans for …

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