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AZ attempts to clear dust of Mystic trial with $8.5 billion MSD deal

July 27, 2017
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, MSD, Merck, biotech, drugs, immunotherapy, mystic, pharma, pharmaceutical

It will be some time before the Mystic catastrophe hoo-ha dies down for AstraZeneca but it made a pre-emptive move …


MSD’s Keytruda hits rare snag, floundering in confirmatory trial

July 25, 2017
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing MSD, Merck, biotech, drugs, keytruda, pharma, pharmaceutical

Since the PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapies have hit the market, they have revolutionised cancer care for many patients yet, with the science …

Merck to lay off 200 as part of 5-year reorganisation plan

July 18, 2017
Manufacturing and Production Merck, biotech, drugs, healthcare, pharma, pharmaceutical

German drug manufacturer Merck has announced its intention to streamline its manufacturing processes across Europe as part of a five-year …

Merck’s Allergopharma opens €42m biopharmaceutical plant

March 7, 2017
Manufacturing and Production Allergopharma, Merck

Allergopharma, a subsidiary of Germany’s Merck, has completed construction on its new €42 million biopharmaceutical facility and declared it open …


Merck eyes new India bio-production facility

February 21, 2017
Manufacturing and Production Merck

German pharmaceutical firm Merck has made it known that it has plans to expand its operations in India with a …


MSD’s Alzheimer’s drug failure undermines potential treatment pathway

February 15, 2017
Research and Development Alzheimer's, MSD, Merck

MSD, known as Merck in North America, has announced that it has been forced to cancel a Phase 2/3 trial …


MSD’s drug given European approval for first-line treatment in NSCLC

February 1, 2017
Sales and Marketing European Commission, MSD, Merck

The good news keeps coming for MSD, known as Merck in North America, and Keytruda, with a further label expansion …


MSD puts best foot forward in drug pricing debate

January 30, 2017
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Drug pricing, MSD, Merck

MSD, known as Merck in North America, has taken a pre-emptive step in the drug pricing debate by releasing its …

BMS receives $625 million patent settlement boost from Merck

January 23, 2017
Sales and Marketing BMS, MSD, Merck, keytruda, opdivo

Bristol-Myers Squibb were in desperate need of releasing good news after the brief announcement that it would no longer be …


22 pharma companies join forces for global non-communicable disease initiative

January 18, 2017
Research and Development BMS, Celgene, Eisai, Eli Lilly, GSK, J&J, JJ, MSD, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Takeda

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Switzerland has seen the launch of Access Accelerated, a global initiative consisting of …


Merck forges data analytics partnership with Palantir

January 17, 2017
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Merck, Palantir

Merck has teamed up with software and data-mining firm Palantir with the intention to utilise its data analytics services to …


Merck and Roche extend distribution ties

December 5, 2016
Manufacturing and Production Merck, Roche, distribution

Merck KGaA and Roche have announced that they will further increase the distribution links between the two companies by having …


MSD’s Keytruda early success ends trial early

October 24, 2016
Sales and Marketing MSD, Merck, Roche, keytruda, opdivo, tecentriq

MSD, known as Merck in the US, ended their Phase III trial of Keytruda for treatment of advanced urothelial cancer …

MSD’s antiviral drug hits endpoint targets in Phase III trials

October 20, 2016
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AiCuris, MSD, Merck, bone marrow, letermovir, transplant

MSD, known as Merck in the US, released news of the successful meeting of its primary endpoints in its Phase …


Apitope reclaims multiple sclerosis treatment from Merck after 7 years

October 17, 2016
Sales and Marketing ATX-MS-1467, Apitope, Merck, multiple sclerosis

Apitope has announced it has reclaimed the global rights to its multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment ATX-MS-1467 from Merck for the …

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