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GSK’s skin cancer pill Tafinlar gets EMA approval

September 3, 2013
Sales and Marketing BMS, GSK, Tafinlar, Yervoy, melanoma

GSK has been granted EMA marketing authorisation for its new metastatic melanoma drug Tafinlar. The EMA’s decision on Tafinlar (dabrafenib) …

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Vical melanoma drug dropped

August 13, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Vical, allovectin, melanoma

Vical has abandoned trials of a late-stage drug for the deadliest form of skin cancer after the treatment failed to …

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Eight in ten survive skin cancer

July 22, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Yervoy, Zelboraf, melanoma, skin cancer

The vast majority of men and women diagnosed with malignant melanoma are now surviving the disease, according to a new …

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FDA seeks manufacturing data for GSK’s trametinib

May 2, 2013
Manufacturing and Production FDA, GSK, melanoma

GlaxoSmithKline’s melanoma drug candidate trametinib has been delayed in the US by an FDA request for more information on its …

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Melanoma breakthrough for Merck

April 26, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing FDA, Merck, lambrolizumab, melanoma

Merck’s pipeline has been given a boost by an FDA decision to designate early-stage investigational drug lambrolizumab as a breakthrough …

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GSK submits melanoma drugs for regulatory approval

August 3, 2012
Sales and Marketing FDA, GSK, NDA, Zelboraf, melanoma, oncology

GlaxoSmithKline has submitted its two investigational melanoma drugs to regulators in both Europe and the US. The firm is seeking …

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Roche’s Zelboraf rejected by NICE

June 15, 2012
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Dillon, NICE, Roche, Zelboraf, melanoma

NICE is not recommending Roche’s targeted melanoma pill Zelboraf because of its high cost and uncertainties over its survival benefit. …

GSK starts combination trial for melanoma

May 30, 2012
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing GSK, R&D, Roche, Zelboraf, melanoma

GlaxoSmithKline has begun a combination trial for two of its investigational skin cancer drugs.  The firm will combine dabrafenib, its …

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Scottish watchdog rejects Yervoy

May 14, 2012
Sales and Marketing BMS, Cancer, NICE, SMC, Yervoy, melanoma

The Scottish Medicines Consortium is not recommending Bristol-Myers Squibb’s melanoma treatment Yervoy.  The SMC said that Yervoy (ipilimumab), which has …

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European approval for Roche’s Zelboraf

February 20, 2012
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Roche, Yervoy, Zelboraf, melanoma

Roche’s skin cancer pill Zelboraf has been given European approval to treat advanced melanoma.  Zelboraf (vemurafenib) is now available in …

Melanoma: new treatments and hopes

September 19, 2011
Research and Development advanced melanoma, melanoma, skin cancer

It usually starts with a subtle change of colour or shape in an existing mole. But if left undiagnosed and …


Roche skin cancer drug approval ‘imminent’

August 11, 2011
Sales and Marketing Roche, melanoma, vemurafenib

 Skin cancer treatment Zelboraf looks set to gain FDA approval months ahead of schedule. Roche and Daiichi Sankyo’s drug is …

BMS and Roche to team up in melanoma

June 3, 2011
Sales and Marketing BMS, Roche, melanoma, oncology

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Roche are to use two of their drugs in an exploratory phase I/II study a bid to …

New melanoma drug approved by FDA

March 28, 2011
Sales and Marketing BMS, melanoma

Yervoy, Bristol Myers Squibb’s new treatment for advanced skin cancer has gained approval in the US. The drug is the …

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