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Novartis begins ‘next-generation’ malaria treatment trial

August 21, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing MMV, Novartis, biotech, drugs, malaria, pharma, pharmaceutical

Novartis, alongside Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), have revealed that trials into a new antimalarial compound have begun in a …


Pulses of light may offer ward against mosquitos

June 19, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing malaria, mosquito

Research emerging from scientists at the University of Notre Dame has found that exposing mosquitos to light during the night …


Weakness discovered in malaria parasite could lead to new treatment

June 15, 2017
Protein, anti-malarial drug resistance, malaria, mosquito

A protein has been newly discovered that could lead to an alternative form of vaccination against the spread of malaria …


Malaria expected to be eradicated from 15 Indian states by 2020

May 15, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing India, antimalarial drug resistance, malaria

In good news in the fight against antimalarial drug resistance, the Director of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme …


Malaria vaccine displays 100% success rate in clinical trial

February 16, 2017
Research and Development Vaccine, malaria

A malaria vaccine, jointly developed by the University of Tübingen and biotech company Sanaria Inc., has demonstrated in a small pool …


First-line malaria treatment fails for the first time in UK

January 31, 2017
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development UK, malaria

The key combination malaria therapy artemether-lumefantrine has failed to treat UK patients for the first time, suggesting that the parasite …

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UK Government commits £1 billion to malaria fight

January 26, 2016
Manufacturing and Production Bill Gates, Chancellor, George Osborne, Ross Fund, infectious diseases, malaria

Chancellor George Osborne has set out details of a billion pound fund to develop, test and produce new products to …

Malaria mosquito

GSK in malaria collaboration with Comic Relief

December 15, 2015
Manufacturing and Production Comic Relief, GSK, corporate social responsibility, csr, malaria

GSK and UK-based charity Comic Relief have launched a five-year partnership to fight malaria and improve health in five countries …

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Novartis reaches 300 million free antimalarial treatments

December 9, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Coartem, Novartis, antimalarial treatment, malaria, non-profit

Novartis has reached a delivery milestone of 300 million paediatric antimalarial treatments, having supplied its Coartem dispersible without profit to …

Nobel Prize

Infectious diseases dominate Nobel Prize awards for medicine

October 8, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Nobel Prize, artemisinin, ivermectin, malaria, mectizan, river blindness

Pharma researchers have been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for their work on a river blindness treatment, along with work …

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Novartis receives WHO nod for malaria drug Coartem

July 17, 2015
Manufacturing and Production Coartem, Novartis, WHO, antimalarial, malaria, world health organization

The World Health Organization will add Novartis’ antimalarial treatment Coartem to the prequalified list of vaccines that is supplies to …

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New malaria vaccine found effective in adults

May 8, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Oxford, Plasmodium falciparum, Vaccine, malaria

A new malaria vaccine has shown promise in early stage trials, reducing the risk of contracting the disease by two …

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Merck Serono signs antimalarial development deal

April 2, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing DDD107498, Medicines for Malaria Venture, Merck Serono, antimalarial, malaria

Merck Serono and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) have signed an agreement which will see them advance the development of …

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