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Diagnosis at stages 1-3 increases cancer survival rate significantly

January 25, 2019
Medical Communications Cancer, England, NHS, health, oncology

Adults diagnosed with stage 1 skin, prostate or breast cancer have the same chance of still being alive the following …


NHS App begins public rollout across England following successful testing

January 24, 2019
Medical Communications England, NHS, NHS App, UK, health, pharma

NHS England has announced that the NHS app, which will allow patients to book and manage their GP appointments alongside …

More young people surviving cancer in England, despite significant economic divide

January 17, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development Cancer, England, UK, health public health, oncology, young people

Mortality and five year survival rates in a range of different cancers among people aged 13-24 improved in England between …

Government choose England top pharmacist to address overprescribing and polypharmacy

December 13, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development England, Matt Hancock, NHS, medicine, pharma

England’s chief pharmaceutical officer Dr Keith Ridge has been chosen to look into ‘problematic’ overprescribing in the NHS. The move …

MSD’s Keytruda to treat melanoma in England on the Cancer Drugs Fund

November 19, 2018
Sales and Marketing England, MSD, NHS, UK, keytruda, melanoma, pharma

MSD’s blockbuster immunotherapy Keytruda (pembrolizumab) will now be made available to patients in England via the Cancer Drugs Fund, it …

Parents should ignore anti-vaccine “social media fake news”, according to England’s medical chief

November 1, 2018
Medical Communications England, MMR, Vaccine, anti-vaccine, fake news

England’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has said that the MMR vaccine is “a safe vaccination” as she encouraged …

Rates of vaccination decline in England, study shows

September 18, 2018
Manufacturing and Production England, NHS, health, public health, vaccines, vacinnation

The number of people who are receiving the 12 routine childhood vaccinations has declined in proportion to the eligible population …

NHS guidance suggests mental health therapists should be brought into GP surgeries

August 29, 2018
Research and Development England, GP, NHS, guidance, psychology, psychotherapy

New NHS guidelines will encourage doctors to incorporate mental health therapists into practice surgeries in an effort to bring more …

More children suffering from type 2 diabetes in England and Wales

August 20, 2018
Sales and Marketing England, NHS, Wales, children, diabetes, obesity, young people

The number of children and young people suffering from type-2 diabetes has increased in England in Wales over the past …

NICE recommends Eli Lilly’s psoriatic arthritis drug

August 9, 2018
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Eli Lilly, England, NICE, Wales, psoriatic arthritis

Eli Lilly have announced that the monoclonal antibody ixekizumab, has been recommended by NICE for use as a treatment option …


England’s top GP resigns over imflammatory online comments

August 6, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Dr Armind Madan, England, GP, pharma

England’s most senior General Practitioner and Director of Primary Care and Deputy Medical Director at NHS England has resigned over …


Those at risk of HIV to be offered PrEP drugs in England and Northern Ireland

July 27, 2018
Medical Communications AIDS, England, HIV, PrEP, Terrence Higgins Trust

Those at risk of contracting HIV will now be offered PrEP drugs in England and Northern Ireland through a programme …

Medicinal cannabis in a laboratory

Review signals step towards legalisation of medicinal cannabis in UK

July 4, 2018
Research and Development England, cannabis, pharma, review, thc

England’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has concluded that there is “conclusive evidence” that cannabis is medically beneficial for …

NICE backs Sanofi’s new treatment for atopic dermatitis

June 22, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing England, NICE, Sanofi, UK, atopic dermatitis, pharma

NICE has published a positive Final Appraisal Determination FAD recommending dupilumab, in combination with topical corticosteroids, for use on the …


One in 25 English children are severely obese by secondary school, study finds

May 29, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development England, UK, childhood obesity, obesity, pharma

A new analysis of Public Health England figures by the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed that one in 25 …

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