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No sign of revival in R&D productivity

June 30, 2010
Research and Development drug development, industry, research

New data on the performance of the pharmaceutical industry shows efforts to raise productivity have not yet made an impact. …

Real World Development: Increasing value for patients

June 30, 2010
Research and Development Kinapse, drug development

The traditional drug development paradigm is protracted and costly, with many products failing to deliver commercial or clinical success.We propose …

Caution: you are entering phase III

December 8, 2008
Research and Development clinical trials, drug development, phase III

Patient: "I've just gone into phase III! What are my chances of coming through alive?" Doctor: "Well the prognosis is …

The Pharmafocus Interview: John Patterson

December 19, 2007
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, drug development, industry relations

John Patterson is an AstraZeneca man through-and-through, having spent nearly all his working life at the company. But over the …

Safety first

December 10, 2007
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing clinical trials, drug development, drug safety

There is a tide of change in drug safety within the pharmaceutical industry.  Internal and external forces are pushing drug …

Time is money in R&D

July 16, 2007
Research and Development clincial trials, drug development, productivity

There is a much-quoted statistic, which has become so hackneyed that it's largely ignored these days, but while you are …

HIV market: collaborative combinations

March 26, 2007
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing HIV, drug development, marketing

Two new HIV drugs, from Tibotec and Gilead, have been shown to be viable late-stage pipeline candidates. However, both TMC278 …

Gene therapy: the tailor-made treatment

June 28, 2006
Research and Development drug development, gene therapy

 At the risk of boring my audience, I really can't help beginning with yet another attack of nostalgia ,or rather …

EDC – turning the corner?

October 22, 2003
Research and Development EDC, drug development, electronic data capture, technology

Electronic Data Capture is a way of eliminating paper in the data collection process by capturing the data directly into …

Waiting for the upturn

October 15, 2003
Research and Development drug development, pipelines

Estimates vary considerably, but many analysts put the current cost of bringing a drug to market at around $800 million, …

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