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Blueprint Medicines agrees $1 billion-plus deal with Roche for cancer therapy

March 16, 2016
Business Services, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Blueprint Medicines, Deals, Immunokinases, Roche, drug development

Blueprint Medicines Corp (Nasdaq: BPMC) said it has signed an over $1 billion deal with oncology drug giant Roche (SIX: ROG) …


Onconova says Baxalta ends $565 million drug development deal for rigosertib

March 8, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Baxalta, Onconova Therapeutics, drug development, rigosertib

Onconova Therapeutics says Baxalta has terminated its $565 million agreement to jointly develop the company’s lead drug candidate rigosertib. Baxalta …

Return on investment

Analysts say pharma R&D returns challenged by drag of high costs

December 16, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing R&D, drug development, research and development, return of investment, sales, sales forecasts

The projected rate of return on pharma industry research and development has more than halved since 2010, from 10.1% to …


Pharma deals crucial to cutting R&D costs

December 16, 2015
Research and Development GlobalData, R&D, drug development, pharma, research and development

With the average cost of getting a novel drug to market at almost $2.5 billion, and few products achieving blockbuster …

clinical trials

Governments and industry ‘combining to stall drug development’

November 9, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing BMJ, R&D, drug development

Both government and industry practices are responsible for the innovation deficit in the pharmaceutical sector, meaning that “the majority of …

researchers examining test tube

Drugs later in development ‘winning the race to market’

November 4, 2015
Research and Development R&D, drug approval, drug development, market exclusivity

Nearly all later entrants to drug classes were in clinical testing or regulatory review before first-in-class approval, according to the …

Pharma ‘is getting better at drug R&D’

September 23, 2015
Research and Development R&D, drug development, market access, productivity

An investigation into pharma R&D data shows that drugmakers are becoming more successful at identifying the right candidates for drug …

R&D firms team up to tackle antibiotic resistance

September 16, 2015
Research and Development AMR, Antibiotics, Jim O'Neill, O'Neill review, antimicrobial resistance, drug development

Two companies at the centre of the UK’s R&D efforts to tackle the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics are expanding …

Europe flag

EMA launches project to boost early patient access to drugs

September 8, 2015
Research and Development EMA, European Medicines Agency, MAPPs, adaptive pathways, drug development, market access

The EMA is launching an adaptive pathway project to bring new medicinal products to market in Europe.  The ADAPT SMART …


EMA in push for more paediatric drug trials

July 24, 2015
Medical Communications, Research and Development EMA, European Medicines Agency, clinical trials, drug development, paediatrics

The European Medicines Agency has relaxed some of its rules around the development of drugs in children, in order to …

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Drug development contracts: can lessons be learned from healthcare delivery?

March 16, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing CCG, CRO, Les Rose, NHS, drug development, trials

There is a very good question to ask at the beginning of every project: “What does success look like?” If …

Alzheimer’s drug development ‘must speed up’

November 7, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Alzheimer's, CEO, drug development

Alzheimer’s drugs cost three times the industry average to produce, according to a new draft report – and the way …

New venture a ‘game-changer’ for pharma

October 25, 2011
Research and Development Sir Christopher Evans, drug development

Sir Christopher Evans is looking to create a new venture that aims to improve on the drug development productivity of …

Innovation – is it science or art?

June 14, 2011
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development creativity, drug development, innovation

In recent times new drug development has shown a substantial decline in the number of approved drugs for human use. …

The utility of next generation sequencing in drug development

November 3, 2010
Research and Development Dr Cheng Eng Ang, Illumina, Source BioScience, drug development, genomics, human genome, next generation sequencing

Drug development studies are extremely expensive, costing many millions of pounds and taking up to 12 years to bring a …

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