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Hydroxychloroquine proves ineffective against COVID-19 in newest trial

July 17, 2020
Medical Communications COVID-19, coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine

The newest clinical trial into hydroxychloroquine has proved unsuccessful in treating coronavirus patients. A recent study was published in the …

Novartis to provide ‘no-profit’ generics to low income countries to help combat COVID-19

July 16, 2020
Business Services COVID-19, Novartis, coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine

The Sandoz division of Novartis will not make a profit on the 15 generics it is making available to developing …

Trump administration orders hospitals to stop sending COVID-19 data to the CDC

July 16, 2020
Business Services CDC, COVID, coronavirus

The Trump administration has ordered hospitals to stop sending coronavirus patient data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …


UK lockdown caused infection ‘R’ rate to drop as low as 0.57, according to a new study

July 15, 2020
Research and Development COVID, COVID-19, Lockdown, coronavirus

A new study showed that the coronavirus infection rate hit its lowest point one month before lockdown restrictions were lifted. …


Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate set for final testing in the US

July 15, 2020
Research and Development COVID-19, coronavirus

The first COVID-19 vaccine being used in clinical trials in the US is set to begin final testing. The experimental …

covid_cell’s weekly COVID-19 news round-up

July 15, 2020
Research and Development COVID-19, coronavirus, vaccines

The coronavirus news this week focuses on therapeutics, with Gilead’s remdesivir reducing the risk of death in 62% of severe …


People in England must wear face mask in shops from 24 July

July 14, 2020
Manufacturing and Production coronavirus, masks

Face masks are set to become mandatory in shops across England beginning on 24 July, following months of mixed messaging …


Malaria prophylactic tafenoquine shows antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 in cell cultures

July 14, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals, COVID-19, coronavirus, pharma

Specialist tropical disease drug firm 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals has revealed that its therapy Arakoda (tafenoquine) has been shown in cell …


Arthritis drug reduces COVID-19 deaths for patients on ventilators

July 14, 2020
Manufacturing and Production COVID-19, coronavirus

The rheumatoid arthritis drug tocilizumab reduces death rates in coronavirus patients on ventilation, according to new studies. 


Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccines to have their development fast tracked by the FDA

July 14, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development COVID-19, Vaccine, coronavirus

The FDA has granted Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates Fast Track status to speed up their development and review. …


Itolizumab “significantly reduced mortality” in hospitalised COVID-19 patients with respiratory distress, secures emergency use authorisation in India

July 13, 2020
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing COVID-19, Itolizumab, coronavirus

Itolizumab, a drug currently being developed by biotech firm Equillium for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, “significantly reduced mortality” in hospitalised …


WHO reports record daily increase in global COVID-19 cases

July 13, 2020
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, coronavirus

The World Health Organization reported the largest daily increase in COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began. Over the weekend there …


Russia claims it has completed the first human trial for COVID-19 vaccine

July 13, 2020
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, coronavirus, vaccines

Russia has become the first country to complete a COVID-19 vaccine trial on humans, according to the Russian News Agency. …


Remdesivir cuts death risk by 62% in coronavirus patients, new study shows

July 13, 2020
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, coronavirus

Gilead’s remdesivir reduced the risk of death in 62% of severe COVID-19 patients, according to a new study. The company …


New data shows Gilead’s remdesivir “potently inhibited” SARS-CoV-2 in human lung cell cultures

July 10, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development COVID-19, Gilead, coronavirus, remdesivir

New findings published from researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) at the University of North Carolina, as well as …

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