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Researchers call for European clinical trial reform

September 28, 2011
Research and Development Euorpe, clinical trials

Medical researchers are calling for regulatory red tape to be snipped away from the legal requirements around clinical trials in …

Designing clinical trials for the real world

September 15, 2011
Research and Development clinical trials

A few years ago I was dealing with a big CRO which had been commissioned to run a pharmacokinetics (PK) …

Eisai shares risk with novel trial funding approach

September 7, 2011
Research and Development Eisai, clinical trials, research and development news

Eisai has unveiled a novel risk-sharing approach to accelerate its late-stage research programme by accepting new sources of clinical trial …

Analysis paralysis – how to get the true measure of clinical trials

July 20, 2011
Research and Development Les Rose, clinical trials

The great physicist Lord Kelvin famously said: “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in …

EU red tape blamed for decline in UK clinical trials

June 10, 2011
Research and Development UK clinical research, clinical trials

Medical and pharma groups have blamed European Union red tape for the decline in the UK as a location for …

Pfizer OAB clinical trial

Digital Pharma: Pfizer’s mobile-powered ‘virtual’ clinical trial

June 8, 2011
Research and Development Digital Pharma blog, Pfizer, clinical trials

In an industry first Pfizer is to use mobile phone and web-based technology to collect study data for pharma’s first …

Blood cancer charity to kick-start clinical trials

May 19, 2011
Research and Development Cancer, blood cancer, clinical trials, leukaemia

A UK blood cancer charity is creating a network of clinical trial centres with backing from the NIHR Clinical Research …

It’s time we redesigned the clinical trial

May 16, 2011
Research and Development clinical trials, randomised controlled trials

Who can remember a time when the pathway from laboratory bench to marketed product didn’t include clinical trial phases I …

Procurement pitfalls and hurdles of lab equipment for clinical trials

April 20, 2011
Research and Development clinical trials, medical equipment, mesm, procurement

 Over $78 billion is spent every year in the clinical trial market in the pursuit of bringing new drugs and …

Budget provides UK science incentives

March 24, 2011
Research and Development George Osborne, R&D tax credits, clinical trials

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled tax incentives, new funding and moves to cut red tape for the life sciences sector …

Out-of-hour procedures for clinical trials

December 8, 2010
Research and Development GCP, Good Clinical Practice, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Katherine Kennedy, clinical trials, trial safety

When a clinical trial subject is involved in a medical emergency, the hospital team need rapid access to information about …

Healthcare, politics and the NHS

November 24, 2010
Research and Development Academy of Medical Sciences, Les Roes, NHS, clinical trials, clinical trials governance, evidence-based medicine

I have just participated in a consultation by the Academy of Medical Sciences on the regulation and governance of clinical …

Conducting clinical trials in China

October 26, 2010
Research and Development China, Jim Wei, Medpace, clinical trials, clinical trials in Chaia, regulatory affairs

As industry pressure to conduct successful global clinical trials on time and on budget continue, tapping emerging global markets will …

FDA unveils new trial data rules

October 1, 2010
Research and Development FDA, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance

The FDA has clarified its rules on what safety information must be reported during clinical trials of investigational drugs and …

Pharma pools trial data for brain disorder research

June 14, 2010
Research and Development Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, clinical trials, partnerships

Leading pharma companies have come together for a major new research collaboration aimed at improving clinical trials for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, …

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