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Clinical trial suggests new schizophrenia drug could reduce symptoms

April 16, 2020
Business Services D2, clinical trials, schizophrenia

Results from a newly published clinical trial suggest that a new compound could treat a broad range of schizophrenia symptoms. …


British Health Secretary says more patients with COVID-19 are needed for clinical trials

April 6, 2020
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, UK, clinical trials, coronavirus

Matt Hancock, the UK’s Health Secretary, has said that more patients with the COVID-19 coronavirus are need in clinical trials …

Female participation up in 2019 US clinical trials, but minority representation down

February 27, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development FDA, clinical trials, pharma

The FDA’s Drugs Trials Snapshots 2019 report has been released, clarifying the demographic distribution of participants who were included in …


US Judge rules that a decade of unpublished trial results must be made public

February 27, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development FDA, US, clinical trials, pharma

A federal judge in New York’s Southern District has ruled that 10 years of unpublished clinical trial data must now …


New antibiotic discovered by AI for the first time

February 21, 2020
Medical Communications AI, AI Clinical Trials, AI Drugs, AI antibiotics, MIT, algorithm, clinical trials

MIT researchers have identified a new antibiotic compound using a machine-learning algorithm. In the laboratory tests, the drug killed many …


NICE gives initial ‘no’ to NHS England for kidney cancer drug

February 18, 2020
Manufacturing and Production NHS England, NICE, clinical trials, inlyta, keytruda

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has not recommended Keytruda (pembrolizumab) and Inlyta (axitinib) for the treatment …


85% of patients see benefit in clinical trials, but 43% were never given the option to participate, report finds

February 7, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development clinical trials, pharma

Patients regularly find value in participating in clinical trials, but many are not given the option by medical professionals and …

How AI is making clinical trials more accurate and affordable

February 5, 2020
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AI, AI Clinical Trials, Apple, Apple Watch., apple watch, clinical trials

Clinical trials are one of the longest and most expensive steps of bringing a drug to market. Conor Kavanagh investigates …


Bringing the clinical trial home

November 18, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing clinical trials, feature, research

Clinical trials are the backbone of healthcare and drug research, but many key patient populations have in the past been …


Ebola drugs prove 90% effective in clinical trial in DRC

August 13, 2019
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Congo, DRC, Ebola, clinical trials, infectious diseases, niaid, pharma

Health professionals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are now offering two experimental drugs to people infected with Ebola, …


Transgene terminates oncolytic IO combo trial in advanced liver cancer

August 8, 2019
Research and Development Cancer, Transgene, clinical trials, liver cancer, pharma

Biotech firm Transgene has announced its decision to terminate a study investigating the efficacy of its oncolytic immunotherapy product Pexa-Vec …

Pfizer’s sickle cell drug flops at Phase 3 trial

August 6, 2019
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Pfizer, Sickle cell, clinical trials, pharma, reset

Pfizer has said its sickle cell drug rivipansel failed to meet its primary endpoint or key secondary endpoints in a …


Acadia’s schizophrenia drug flops in Phase 3 trial

July 23, 2019
Manufacturing and Production acadia, clinical trials, menatl health, neuroscience, pharma, phase 3, schizophrenia

Acadia Pharmaceuticals has said its schizophrenia drug Nuplazid (primavanserin) has failed to beat placebo in a Phase 3 trial. Nuplazid …


Biohaven’s CGPR antagonist migraine treatment beats placebo in Phase 3 trial

July 11, 2019
Research and Development Biohaven, CGPR, clinical trials, headache, migraine, pharma

Connecticut-based firm Biohaven has said its migraine drug rimegepant showed superiority over placebo in a Phase 3 clinical trial. The …

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