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UK clinical research is being transformed

April 4, 2008
Research and Development UK, clinical trials

Politicians have been talking, reports have been published, a series of initiatives have been launched and a fist full of …

Safety first

December 10, 2007
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing clinical trials, drug development, drug safety

There is a tide of change in drug safety within the pharmaceutical industry.  Internal and external forces are pushing drug …

UK clinical trials: on the mend?

September 26, 2007
Research and Development UK, clinical trials, global, research

How clinical research is organised in the UK is essential to the success of Britain's pharma industry, and to the …

Clinical Trials: The future is hub-shaped

July 2, 2007
Research and Development clinical trials, design

The global clinical trials market continues to grow and is currently worth an estimated $10 billion; so much so that …

Learning from Northwick Park

February 19, 2007
Research and Development UK, biotech, clinical trials, drug safety

In December 2006, the official report on the Northwick Park incident was published. Although not the end of the affair, …

On-line clinical trials recruitment

October 22, 2003
Research and Development clinical trials, digi pharma, patient recruitment

Sometimes, solutions don't really solve anything. Let me tell you a story about on-line clinical trials recruitment. A couple of …

EDC: electronic data capture or eliminating data corruption?

October 8, 2003
Research and Development clinical trials, electronic data capture

Managing a successful clinical trial is probably one of the hardest tasks known to man. Getting a drug to work …

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