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Expanding clinical trials in India: answering the need for training

September 8, 2009
Research and Development India, clinical trials

 India is widely seen as the most exciting country in the clinical research world. Its potential to deliver large numbers …


Racing to save lives and fighting the PR battle

August 6, 2009
Medical Communications, Research and Development Vaccine, clinical trials, public relations

Vaccine companies are working round the clock to develop and manufacture a vaccine for the H1N1 pandemic flu, and are …

Scaling up the UK’s research ambition

June 15, 2009
Research and Development NHS, clinical trials, healthcare, patients

The UK has always been one of the world's leaders in drug discovery, with around half of all major medicines …

Bringing global trials teams together

February 23, 2009
Research and Development clinical trials, global

The world is getting bigger and smaller at the same time. When the internet began to really catch on about …

Getting up to speed with India

January 12, 2009
Research and Development India, clinical trials, ethics

On a recent trip I made to India, the resourcefulness of the country's people was demonstrated to me as soon …

Efficacy or effectiveness?

December 9, 2008
Research and Development Les Rose, clinical trials, evidence

The question of ‘generalisability’ – or the extent clinical trials can be applied to the real world, has been an …

Caution: you are entering phase III

December 8, 2008
Research and Development clinical trials, drug development, phase III

Patient: "I've just gone into phase III! What are my chances of coming through alive?" Doctor: "Well the prognosis is …

Good Publication Practice 2: updating best practice

November 13, 2008
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing GPP, Good Publication Practice, clinical trials, ethics, journals, publication

 Results from clinical trials are the very lifeblood of the pharmaceutical industry, representing the frontline in the search for new …

The Pharmafocus Interview: Jan Lundberg

October 10, 2008
Research and Development AstraZeneca, clinical trials, drug discover

AstraZeneca's head of global drug discovery Jan Lundberg says his younger years as a sportsman have made him a determined …

Olympian projects require world-class planning

April 14, 2008
Research and Development clinical trials, project planning

The latest edition of the CMR International R&D Factbook shows that the mean time from protocol approval to final report …

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