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Eli Lilly teams up with Chi-Med for Chinese sales of Elunate capsules

July 28, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Chi-Med, China, Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly Shanghai, an affiliate of the wider company, has enlisted the help of biopharma firm Hutchinson China MediTech, or …


Sanofi’s Dupixent scores Chinese approval in moderate to severe atopic dermatitis

June 22, 2020
Sales and Marketing China, Dupixent, Sanofi, atopic dermatitis, pharma

China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) has moved to approve a 300mg pre-filled pen formulation of Sanofi and Regeneron’s Dupixent …


Australia calls for investigation into China’s coronavirus response

April 29, 2020
Research and Development Australia, COVID-19, China, coronavirus

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, has called for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus, as Australia …


European countries wary about confronting China over COVID-19 death figures

April 24, 2020
Medical Communications COVID-19, China, coronavirus

National security experts in the UK and US believe China is underreporting the true amount of COVID-19 deaths, but European …


FDA will allow doctors to use convalescent plasma to treat critical COVID-19 patients

March 26, 2020
Business Services COVID-19, China, Chinese Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

The FDA have announced they will allow doctors to use convalescent plasma, collected from people who recovered from COVID-19, to …


Gilead asks FDA to rescind its Orphan Drug status for potential coronavirus treatment following criticism

March 26, 2020
Business Services China, Gilead, Wuhan Coronavirus, china coronavirus, coronavirus

Gilead Sciences has submitted a request for the FDA to rescind its offer of Orphan Drug designation for remdesivir in …

China approves Roche’s Actemra to fight severe complications stemming from coronavirus

March 5, 2020
Sales and Marketing Actemra, China, Roche, coronavirus, pharma

China has moved to authorise Roche’s Actemra (tocilizumab) as a treatment for severe complications from contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus in …


Clover Biopharmaceuticals partners up with GSK to accelerate coronavirus vaccine development

February 24, 2020
Sales and Marketing China, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, GSK, coronavirus, pharma

Chinese biotech firm Clover Biopharmaceuticals has joined the race to develop interventions against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak with the announcement …


Top Ten most popular articles on this week

February 14, 2020
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing China, Chinese Coronavirus, Wuhan, Wuhan Coronavirus, china coronavirus, coronavirus

The coronavirus continues to dominate the news, with the disease finally getting treated. In America, a patient has been successfully …


Highest fatalities from coronavirus recorded in a single day due to new classifications

February 13, 2020
Business Services China, UK Coronavirus, Wuhan, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak reached its deadliest day since it began in December. Roughly 242 deaths have been reported in Hubei …


Third person in the UK diagnosed with coronavirus

February 7, 2020
Medical Communications China, Coronavirus Wuhan, MERS, Sars, coronavirus, coronavirus China

A third British person has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, which he allegedly  caught in Singapore.He was tested in Brighton …


China admits its coronavirus response had “shortcomings”

February 4, 2020
Manufacturing and Production China, MERS, Sars, Wuhan, china coronavirus, coronavirus, wuihan coronavirus

In a rare move, China’s leadership has admitted “shortcomings” in the way it has handled the outbreak of the deadly …


Oxford Immunotec to supply TB diagnostic tests to china to aid in coronavirus crisis

January 23, 2020
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing China, Oxford Immunotec Global, Wuhan, coronavirus, pharma

As fears rise over the impact and spread of Chinese coronavirus following news of a rising death toll and the …

China approves Roche cancer drug Kadcyla

January 22, 2020
Business Services China, Roche, breast cancer, cancer treatment, oncology

China has approved the import of Roche’s drug for breast cancer, just after it recently won expanded approval in the …


WHO officials say Wuhan viral pneumonia outbreak can be passed from person to person

January 20, 2020
Sales and Marketing China, Sars, Viral pneumonia, WHO, World Health Organisation, Wuhan Outbreak

The viral pneumonia outbreak that began in Wuhan China can spread between person to person, according to health experts at …

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