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Celgene’s ozanimod meets endpoints in Phase II ulcerative colitis trials

March 21, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Celgene

Celgene International Sàrl, a Celgene subsidiary, has announced additional data of exploratory endpoints from a Phase II trial of ozanimod …


Wales approve pancreatic cancer drug for use despite NICE rejection in England

March 18, 2016
Medical Communications, Research and Development Abraxane, Celgene, England, NHS, NICE, Wales, approval

Celgene (Nasdaq: CELG) has announced that Abraxane, in combination with gemcitabine, will continue to be an available treatment option for …


Allergan files ANDA for generic version of Celgene’s breast cancer treatment

March 18, 2016
Business Services, Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Abraxane, Allergan, Celgene, breast cancer, generic

Allergan (NYSE: AGN) said it is seeking regulatory approval for a generic version of biotech firm Celgene’s (Nasdaq: CELG) breast …


Two Celgene cancer drugs approved in Ireland

March 1, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Abraxane, Cancer, Celgene, Revlimid, imnovid

Irish regulators have recommended two cancer treatments from Celgene: Imnovid (pomalidomide), in combination with dexamethasone, for previously-treated relapsed and refractory …


Big pharma joins President Obama’s cancer ‘moonshot’

January 13, 2016
Research and Development Amgen, Cancer, Celgene, National Immunotherapy Coalition, President Barack Obama, US, moonshot

Celgene and Amgen are among the large biopharma companies that have agreed to join the National Immunotherapy Coalition (NIC), a …


Mark Alles is new chief executive of Celgene

January 12, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Celgene, Mark Alles

Celgene president and chief operating officer Mike Alles has been promoted to the top job after an executive restructure at …

Celgene logo

Celgene settles Revlimid patent dispute

December 23, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Celgene, India, Natco, Revlimid, lenalidomide, patents

Celgene has settled its litigation with Natco Pharma, over the patents for Revlimid, opening the door to increased generic competition …

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Cancer and MS drugs approved in Scotland

December 9, 2015
Sales and Marketing Celgene, Copaxone, Novartis, SMC, Scottish Medicines Consortium, Tevaq, ceritinib, glatiramer acetate, lenalidomide, lung cancer, multiple myeloma, multiple sclerosis, revlimis, zykadia

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has approved three new treatments for lung cancer, multiple sclerosis and multiple myeloma, from Novartis, …

Vidaza product image

Celgene’s Vidaza earns wider approval

November 2, 2015
Sales and Marketing Celgene, European Commission, Vidaza, acute myeloid leukaemia, azacitidine, leukaemia

Swiss firm Celgene has been given approval by the European Commission to extend its marketing authorisation for the cancer treatment …


NICE says Celgene’s Abraxane is ‘too expensive for pancreatic cancer’

September 17, 2015
Sales and Marketing Abraxane, Celgene, NICE, Pancreatic cancer

NICE has decided not to recommend Abraxane (nab-paclitaxel) by Celgene in combination with gemcitabine for adults with metastatic pancreatic cancer.In …


Celgene threatens to scale back UK clinical trial investment after CDF snub

September 4, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Cancer Drugs Fund, Celgene, Revlimid, british nhs

One of the world’s leading pharma companies in oncology is considering whether to continue investing in clinical trials in the …

Lee Heeson

Working Life: Celgene’s Lee Heeson

August 3, 2015
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Celgene, Lee Heeson

How did you find your way into your current role?My career has progressed from ‘carrying the bag’ for GlaxoSmithKline in …


Celgene to acquire Receptos in $7.2bn deal

July 15, 2015
Sales and Marketing Celgene, Crohn's, Crohn’s disease, Receptos, acquisitions, crohn's disease, mergers, multiple sclerosis, ozanimod, relapsing multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis

Celgene has boosted its immune and inflammatory disease pipeline with the purchase of the biopharma company Receptos for $7.2 billion. …


Celgene enters 10-year $1 billion pact with Juno

June 30, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing CAR-T, Celgene, Chimeric Antigen Receptor Technology, Juno, T Cell Receptor, TCR, brett wells

Celgene has invested $1 billion into Juno Therapeutics as part of a 10-year partnership aiming to study cures for cancer …

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NICE rejects Otelza but SMC recommends it

June 11, 2015
Sales and Marketing Astellas, Celgene, NHS, NICE, SMC, Xtandi, otezla

Draft guidance issued by NICE has seen rejections for products including Celgene’s Otelza and Astellas Pharma’s Xtandi, and a call …

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