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Novartis pulls Zometa submission after breast cancer failure

December 13, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Novatis, Zometa, breast cancer, zoledronic

Novartis has pulled Zometa’s marketing application for an early breast cancer indication after the drug failed to meet its primary …

Hormone therapy drugs ‘increase heart disease risk’

December 10, 2010
Research and Development AstraZeneca, Hormone therapy, Novartis, Pfizer, aromatase inhibitors, breast cancer, tamoxifen

Three aromatase inhibitors could increase the risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women with breast cancer, according to new data. …

Boehringer puts afatinib head-to-head with Herceptin

December 10, 2010
Research and Development BIBW 2992, Boehringer Ingelheim, Herceptin, Roche, Tovok, afatinib, breast cancer

Boehringer Ingelheim has set up a showdown between one of its pipeline oncology products and Roche’s Herceptin. It has started …

Avastin packs

NICE no for Avastin in breast cancer

December 8, 2010
Sales and Marketing NICE, Roche, avastin, bevacizumab, breast cancer, health technology assessment, hta

NICE has refused to back Roche’s Avastin for use in breast cancer patients citing the blockbuster drug’s high cost and …

FDA approves Eisai breast cancer drug Halaven

November 16, 2010
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Eisai, FDA, Halaven, Xeloda, breast cancer, eribulin mesylate, metastatic breast cancer

The FDA has approved Eisai’s advanced breast cancer drug Halaven for use in heavily pre-treated breast cancer patients. Halaven (eribulin …

Roche submits new version of Herceptin for US approval

July 7, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Herceptin, Roche, breast cancer

Roche has submitted a new version of its blockbuster Herceptin (trastuzumab) to US regulators for approval to treat advanced breast …

European approval for ‘double strength’ Faslodex

March 19, 2010
Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, Faslodex, breast cancer

AstraZeneca’s Faslodex has expanded its European licence after winning approval to treat women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in a …

Sanofi’s BSI-201 tipped for success in triple negative breast cancer

February 28, 2010
Sales and Marketing Cancer, PARP, Sanofi, breast cancer

 Sanofi-Aventis’s BSI-201 will garner sales of $1.7 billion in the triple negative breast cancer drug market in 2018, according to …

Sanofi’s breast cancer candidate tipped for future success

February 25, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing BSI-201, Sanofi-Aventis, breast cancer

A Sanofi-Aventis drug currently in phase III has been predicted as a future blockbuster in breast cancer treatment. Sanofi’s BSI-201 …

Nexavar shows promise in breast cancer

September 24, 2009
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Nexavar, breast cancer

 Bayer’s Nexavar has been shown to significantly extend progression-free survival in patients with advanced breast cancer in a new phase …

Avastin shows promise in advanced breast cancer

August 20, 2009
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Roche, avastin, breast cancer

Avastin's rise continues as new data suggests it improves progression-free survival as a second line treatment for advanced breast cancer.The …

GSK hopeful of NICE approval for Tyverb

January 26, 2009
Sales and Marketing Cancer, GSK, breast cancer

NICE could be poised to reverse its rejection of GSK's breast cancer treatment Tyverb, the pharma company has said.NICE rejected …

BMS breast cancer drug rejected

November 27, 2008
Sales and Marketing BMS, Cancer, breast cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb's breast cancer drug Ixempra has suffered a setback in the EU over safety concerns.The Committee for Medicinal Products …

GSK’s pricing deal for Tyverb fails to sway NICE

October 15, 2008
Sales and Marketing GSK, NICE, breast cancer

NICE has spurned GSK's risk-sharing proposal for its breast cancer treatment Tyverb, saying the drug is still too expensive to …

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