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Samsung completes hat-trick of big biosimilar approvals

August 25, 2017
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Biogen, Samsung Bioepis, biosimilars, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Samsung Bioepis has announced that it, alongside its partner Biogen, has secured European Commission approval for its biosimilar version of …


Problematic facility inspection puts Biocon’s biosimilar EU approvals on hold

July 10, 2017
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Biocon, India, biosimilars

Indian firm Biocon has been hit by regulator criticism which has forced its European biosimilar programme on hold following a …


New biosimilar guidelines launched in the EU

June 1, 2017
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing EMA, biosimilars

A joint effort by the EMA and the European Commission has seen the publication of a biosimilar information guide for …


WHO aims to increase uptake of biosimilars in poorer countries

May 4, 2017
Medical Communications, Research and Development Cancer, Roche, WHO, biosimilars

The WHO has announced that it will launch a project to prequalify biosimilar medicines for the treatment of certain cancers. …


Patient engagement is key to building a biosimilar market

March 10, 2017
Medical Communications Clarivate analytics, biosimilars

There’s a whole lot of explaining to do before many U.S. patients and doctors will feel comfortable with biosimilars in …


Amgen accuses biosimilar producer of ‘massive conspiracy’

March 9, 2017
Medical Communications Amgen, Coherus, Neulasta, biosimilars

Amgen has filed a lawsuit in a Californian state court against Coherus Biosciences, suggesting that Coherus had stolen trade secrets. …


Seven pharma trends for 2017

December 22, 2016
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing M&A, MA, biosimilars, collaborations, digital pharma, emerging markets, patient centricity, pharma, pricing

What will be the key industry trends in 2017?Industry uncertaintyPerhaps the biggest hallmark of 2016-going-into-2017 is the sense of hesitation …


Biosimilars and Generics: A no-brainer for treatment?

November 28, 2016
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing biosimilars, generics

The industry is poised on the potential widespread adoption of many revolutionary technologies; foremost among them are biosimilars and generics, …


J&J loses Remicade patent fight, pledges to continue fight against biosimilars

August 18, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Johnson and Johnson, Remicade, biosimilar, biosimilars, infliximab, patent

Johnson and Johnson has announced that it has lost in a patent dispute between biosimilar makers Celltrion and Hospira, relating …


Amgen agrees deal to commercialise biosimilars in Japan with Daiichi Sankyo

July 14, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Amgen, Daiichi Sankyo, Japan, biosimilars

Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN) has agreed a deal with Daiichi Sankyo (TSE: 4568) that will see the pair commercialise nine biosimilars …


New data shows Sandoz’s Enbrel biosimilar has equivalent efficacy profile

July 7, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Amgen, EMA, Enbrel, FDA, Novartis, Sandoz, biosimilars

Sandoz has announced new data confirming the equivalent safety and efficacy profile of their biosimilar version of Enbrel (etanercept) in …


Novartis aims to launch five major global biosimilars by 2020

June 21, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development 2020, Novartis, Sandoz, biosimilars

Novartis (VTX: NOVN) has announced plans to triple its biosimilar portfolio by 2020, with the launch of five major biosimilar …

Sandoz biosimilars as safe and efficacious as originators, says early trials data

June 9, 2016
Research and Development Enbrel, MabThera, Novartis, Sandoz, biosimilars, etanercept, rituximab

Sandoz, a division of Novartis, has presented data at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2016) demonstrating the safety …


New data on biosimilars of the big three anti-TNF drugs presented at EULAR 2016

June 8, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Benepali, Biogen, Enbrel, Flixabi, Humira, Remicade, Samsung Bioepis, biosimilars, eular 2016, sb5

Samsung Bioepis has presented data at EULAR 2016 on three biosimilars of the highly selling anti-TNF drugs Remicade (infliximab), Enbrel …

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