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Researchers use gene-editing tool CRISPR to cure mice of HIV

July 3, 2019
Research and Development AIDS, HIV, Nature Communications, crispr, mice, pharma

American scientists have been able to combine a new form of antiretroviral therapy (ART) with gene editing tool CRISPR/Cas9 to …


Gilead struck anti-competitive deals to retain dominance in HIV market, lawsuit says

May 15, 2019
Research and Development AIDS, BMS, Gilead, HIV, Janssen, generic drugs

Gilead Sciences struck anti-competitive deals with Janssen and Britsol-Myers Squibb in an effort to retain dominance in the market for …


Health Secretary pledges to end transmission of HIV in England by 2030

January 31, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development 2030, AIDS, England, HIV, UN, health

Through better prevention, detection and treatment, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has pledged to end transmission of HIV in England by …

J&J announce promising Phase 1/2a results for HIV vaccine

October 23, 2018
Manufacturing and Production AIDS, HIV, J&J, JJ, Vaccine, infectious diseases

The world may be one step closer to discovering a preventative vaccine for HIV following American multinational Johnson & Johnson’s …


Researchers launch Phase 1 trial of HIV vaccine

October 18, 2018
Research and Development AIDS, HIV, Vaccine, infection, resdearch

Researchers working with the non-profit organisation the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have announced the launch of a Phase I …


HIV on the rise among straight men in Australia

September 24, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AIDS, Aboriginal, Australia, HIV, Kirby Institute

The number of new HIV diagnoses is on the rise among heterosexual men in Australia, according to a new report …


Ibalisumab effective in in treating multidrug resistant HIV

August 16, 2018
Research and Development AIDS, HIV, multidrug resistance, phase 3

The monoclonal antibody Ibalizumab has shown significant antiviral activity against multidrug resistant HIV infections, according to the results of a …


Those at risk of HIV to be offered PrEP drugs in England and Northern Ireland

July 27, 2018
Medical Communications AIDS, England, HIV, PrEP, Terrence Higgins Trust

Those at risk of contracting HIV will now be offered PrEP drugs in England and Northern Ireland through a programme …


India, Sweden and The Netherlands form HIV/AIDS research partnership

May 22, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development AIDS, HIV, India, Sweden, The Netherlands, pharma

A first-of-its-kind collaboration has been announced by the governments of India, Sweden and The Netherlands with the goal of advancing …


AIDS charity lambasts “ethically challenged” Gilead over price hikes

January 11, 2018
Sales and Marketing AIDS, Gilead, HIV, Truvada, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has strongly criticised Gilead prices increases across the board for its HIV and AIDS treatment, …


The global HIV/AIDS movement

November 27, 2017
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AIDS, HIV, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Increasingly collaborative efforts have seen the threat of HIV recede and brought hope to demographics and communities most vulnerable to …


FDA approves first-ever two-drug HIV regimen, GSK’s Juluca

November 22, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AIDS, FDA, GSK, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKilne, HIV, Juluca, ViiV Healthcare, pharma

GlaxoSmithKline has announced that the FDA has awarded US marketing authorisation to the first two-drug regimen in the treatment of …

Monthly injectable HIV treatment proves as effective as traditional daily pill regimen

July 24, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AIDS, HIV, Janssen, ViiV Healthcare, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceuticals

New early trial data suggests that current daily HIV pill regimens could be replaced with injections which slowly release medication …


Inovio posts “exceptional” results for HIV vaccine

May 25, 2017
Research and Development AIDS, HIV, HIV vaccine, Vaccine

Inovio Pharmaceuticals has been working on HIV vaccines for a long time and, eight years after signing a $25 million …


Terrence Higgins Trust announces new CEO

January 6, 2016
Medical Communications AIDS, HIV, Terrance Higgins Trust

Leading UK-based HIV and sexual health charity The Terrence Higgins Trust has announced the appointment of Ian Green as the …

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