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Court rules against EMA disclosure

May 2, 2013
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AbbVie, EMA, Roche, transparency

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been ordered in an interim ruling by the General Court of the European Union …

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Sales rise for AbbVie

April 30, 2013
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott

AbbVie has released its first financial results as a standalone company since separating from Abbott as an $18 billion biopharma …

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AbbVie guards Humira data

March 13, 2013
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, Humira, RA, transparency

AbbVie has issued two injunctions against the European Medicines Agency to prevent the regulator revealing data about rheumatoid arthritis drug …

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Abbott seeks leukemia test

February 25, 2013
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, Janssen

Abbott is to team up with Janssen Biotech and biopharma firm Pharmacyclics to seek a diagnostic test for leukemia patients. …

Abbott finishes strongly before spin-off

January 25, 2013
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, Q4 2012

Abbott has presented its full-year results for 2012 – the last in which many of its products will appear, following …

AbbVie splits from Abbott

January 7, 2013
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, HIV, Humira

AbbVie, the new $18 billion biopharma company which includes many of Abbott’s most high profile products, has finally launched. Abbott …

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Humira powers ahead as Abbott prepares split

July 19, 2012
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, Humira, RA

Humira maintained its rapid growth in the second quarter, helping keep Abbott buoyant ahead of its split into two separate …

Analysts want AstraZeneca-AbbVie tie-up

June 20, 2012
Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, AstraZeneca, merger

Analysts want Abbott’s new spin-off firm AbbVie to merge with the troubled AstraZeneca, saying it could give both firms future …

Abbott sets out AbbVie stall for shareholders

June 12, 2012
Manufacturing and Production AbbVie, Abbott, CRO, Taylor, manufacturing

Abbott Laboratories has issued the prospectus for its planned separation of its pharmaceutical operations into a standalone company called AbbVie …

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Abbott pays $1.6 billion to settle Depakote claims

May 8, 2012
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Abbott, CIA, Depakote

Abbott will pay $1.6 billion to settle US legal claims over its epilepsy drug Depakote.  The $1.6 billion will settle …

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