TISZA TEXTIL Packaging is a company specialized in industrial flexible packaging. Born in the fifties and producing paper sacks, TTP is now one of the First European leader in FIBC's activity for chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical products.

Based in France, TTP has made and marketed for over twenty five years a FIBC, specially designed for packing dry semi-finished products in the pharmaceutical industry, so called MINIBAG. It is a safe and cost effective alternate to rigid bins or small drums. MINIBAGs allows to receive non coated tablets, feed coating lines, store finished products and supply end packing lines.

Governed by ISO standards 9000, 14001 and 15378, MINIBAGs are produced in France under specific procedures. This primary packaging is made of materials in accordance with the latest European and American pharmaceutical requirements. TTP delivers MINIBAGs throughout the world.

Contact details

8, rue Decomble
Phone number: +33 325 308 000
Web address: http://www.ttpack.eu
Email address: maxemball@ttpack.eu

Company details

Date established: 1953
Number of local staff: 90
  • Packing of API
  • Packing of mixed powder
  • Packing of un-coated tablets
  • Packing of finished tablets
  • Packing of filled capsules
  • Storage/ transfer of finished products
Additional services:
  • Professional relation based on long experience and strong know-how.
  • Flexible and mobile sales staff.
  • Excellent customer service.

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