MMS are specialists in healthcare media strategy

At mms360 we help pharma and healthcare companies engage with their audiences. These may be healthcare professionals or even patients. We have a unique skill set, delivering expertise in media planning and buying as well as healthcare communications.

This means that we can focus on achieving your objectives and engaging with your audience without being limited by how we do it. In fact, we bring the best bits of media and communications together to achieve the best results.


The other thing we do is procure clinical reprints, and as with all of our business, we work across print, digital and multi channels for the UK, European and global markets.


For us, ‘media’ is about channel selection. it’s about your advertising, communications or integrated campaign appearing within relevant content, in the right context and the appropriate environment.

It’s about integrating media channels to maximise results. our audiences use different media, at different

times, for different reasons. Our experience and expertise ensures that we reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time in order to influence and deliver interaction.

As part of HeAL[international] we deliver international plans reinforced with specialist local knowledge and expertise. It also means that in individual markets, the local client will be able to converse in the local language and have a local point of contact to run the campaign.

mmS360 is not just a media planning and buying agency. By understanding the breadth of communication channels open to us, it means that we can deliver what’s best for your objectives rather than the campaign being dictated by a single channel expertise.


mmS360 partner with the brand team to deliver audience engagement, not just audience communication. The subtle difference is that we consider what we want the audience to do based on our objectives and then work to make that happen.


We may want to create broad brand awareness or we may have a very specific outcome that we require from a targeted audience group. By considering the audience and the objective before we decide on the channel, we are able to use the most appropriate methods to deliver the best results.

By involving us early in the brand planning process, we can ensure that the communications strategy is aligned from the pre-launch phase. All of your audience touch-points will be considered and planned in order to maximise results. Other than face to face rep contact, we are able to use the media to deliver a complete audience engagement package.

mmS360 works in partnership with you to provide the outcomes that you need:

audience Engagement. Delivered

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Date established: 1982
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• HCP audience engagement

• Media consultancy

• Campaign integration

• Cross-market and international engagement

• Print, digital and multi-media

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• Media planning and buying

• Healthcare communications and meded

• Clinical reprint procurement

• Media strategy

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