eyeforpharma believes that the ultimate driver for the pharmaceutical industry’s health is meeting the needs of patients, like us, for affordable and accessible healthcare.

Change can only come when the industry recognises the real issues: we believe, the industry must focus on a model combining service as well as product, for patients.

Who are eyeforpharma?

eyeforpharma is a division of a private company headquartered in London, UK. We also have offices in New York.

We are the sum of the quality of those people and pride ourselves on recruiting not only the professional and innovative but the personable. That is why so many of our contacts are now our friends aswell as our trusted advisors. It is this level of dialogue that we seek to promote throughout the pharma world.

What do eyeforpharma do?

 Our strongest allies believe that there are many challenges in the pharma space that are bigger than just one company. Addressing and solving these problems and generating new opportunities requires collaborative discussion and debate across the entire industry. eyeforpharma believes it is worth taking the effort to allow and foster just that, so our forums offer the platform for the kind of strategic thought leadership that can enable and trigger change. eyeforpharma’s commitment to the pharma industry is to be a conduit of high quality information and knowledge exchange among its dedicated professionals as they drive the industry in new and exciting directions.

We have many vehicles at our disposal to meet this challenge:

eyeforpharma organizes more than 50 events a year, globally. These range from more intimate gatherings to major events with hundreds of attendees. Every conference is designed by industry executives rather than by eyeforpharma, ensuring relevance, wisdom and impartiality. We specialize in Sales (SFE), Marketing & eMarketing, Forecasting, Patient Adherence, Supply Chain and therapeutic areas such as Oncology and CNS. Our annual SFE Europe event is the biggest of its kind and growing, with last year’s event in Barcelona attracting 600 delegates.

One of eyeforpharma's biggest strengths is to be able to gather opinion directly from industry executives themselves rather than the consultants and suppliers you see forming the majority of opinions in most pharmaceutical magazines. We leverage this to provide unique features and thought-leadership, across the world. 

You can also contribute your own articles and blog. If you would like to get involved contact our Editor, James Geary on jgeary@eyeforpharma.com.

Contact details

7-9 Fashion Street
E1 6PX
Phone number: +44 (0) 207 3757500
Web address: http://www.eyeforpharma.com
Email address: help@eyeforpharma.com

Company details

Date established: 2003
Number of local staff: 30
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Patients 
  • Forecasting 
  • Market Access 
  • Research & Development


Additional services:

  • Conferences
  • Reports
  • Marketing

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