Cardio-QT is a Core Cardiovascular Analytical and Research Laboratory performing high end analysis of all Cardiovascular data types. It is headed by an Accredited Cardiovascular Specialist and Bioengineer supported by PhD Scientists, and Academics. Cardio-QT is a highly innovative company having multiple Patents and technology awards providing  flexible, bespoke analytical solutions to any clinical research  problem in Cardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine and Bioengineering. We solve the insoluble.

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Innovation Centre
Hillington business park
1 Ainslie road
G52 4RU
Phone number: +44 (0)7813 021061
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Company details

Date established: 2002
Number of local staff: 6
  • Provide Expert Analysis of all Cardiovascular and Internal Medicine data  types generated from Clinical Trials.
  • ECG Analysis: 12 lead diagnostic, Ambulatory 12 lead, Rhythm Disturbance, drug induced Repolarisation morphology changes, QT /TQT studies. Autonomic nervous system function.
  • Analysis of Echocardiographic, CT, Angiographic, MRI, IVUS images, Myoperfusion Images
  • Computer modelling of physiological processes, development of sensitve mathematical biomarlers, statistical analysis, protocol development.
  • Indices of Left and Right Ventricular systolic and diastolic function.
  • Innovative Research: Using Mathematical/Computer methods to derive new biomarkers and  investigate the efficacy of new compounds.
Additional services:
  • Special Expertise in the Analysis of  Drug induced Repolarisation abnormalities, QT and TQT studies with compensation for  hysteresis and autonomic nervous system effects. Morphological analysis of T wave.
  • Analysis of ECG Rhythm disturbance, late potentials, heart rate variability.
  • Analysis of Cardiac Ischaemia: ECG, ETTs, Angiography, Radionuclear Myoperfusion, Stress ECHO/MRI.
  •  Analysis of Echocardiography: TTE and TOE
  •  Analysis of Cardiac Systolic and Diastolic function, Cardiac Power.
  • Analysis of ambulatory Blood Pressure, Arterial compliance, wave speed and reflection.

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