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Top Ten most popular articles on this week

Published on 17/03/17 at 10:45am

As another week comes and goes, waves were sent through the industry as Trump announced his pick as the new Head of the FDA. While we will have to wait to see the effects of his potential choice, there has also been a number of announcements for  pharma/university collaborations which may bear fruit in the future. Our new feature on antibiotic resistance has proved popular with readers, as did a story concerning some alarming findings on common painkiller ibuprofen.

Check out a round up of the most read, shared and discussed topics that we featured on our website this week!

10. Negotiating the EU pricing system: How the financial crisis has encouraged closer-knit cooperation between member states

Ben Hargreaves looks at the pricing debate occurring within Europe and how it could lead to closer relations between countries within the EU.

9. Mylan’s pathway to launch of biosimilar to Herceptin cleared by Roche

Mylan scored a big victory in its plan to launch its biosimilar to Roche’s blockbuster, Herceptin, after Roche and itself agreed a global licensing pact.

8. Pfizer announces partnership with UK university

Pfizer and Swansea University have announced plans to collaborate on a new Innovation Hub at Swansea University’s new £450 million Bay Campus.            

7. Amgen accuses biosimilar producer of ‘massive conspiracy’

Amgen has filed a lawsuit in a Californian state court against Coherus Biosciences, suggesting that Coherus had stolen trade secrets. The case is in regards to the development of Coherus’ biosimilar to Amgen’s Neulasta.

6. FDA-approved preterm birth drug has no benefit and may cause harm, study suggests

A study has found that a commonly prescribed treatment for preventing premature births has no benefits and may even increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

5. Patient engagement is key to building a biosimilar market

There’s a whole lot of explaining to do before many U.S. patients and doctors will feel comfortable with biosimilars in place of their go-to biologics, Clarivate Analytics explains the issues and what can be done.

4. Trump makes choice on new FDA head

Dr Scott Gottlieb is Trump’s chosen nominee for the role of commissioner of the FDA. The nomination appeases fears within the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA of an about-turn towards extreme deregulation of the drug approval process.

3. Ibuprofen linked to 31% increase in risk of cardiac arrest

A study emerging from Denmark has found that the use of over-the-counter pain killer, Ibuprofen, is associated with an increased risk of cardiac arrest. Research found an increase of 31% in cardiac arrest risk through the use of the anti-inflammatory.

2. Cambridge University announces 'world-leading' industry-academia collaboration initiative

The University of Cambridge has announced a new initiative that seeks to build a bridge between industry and academia in the discovery of innovative treatments and di